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April 12th
5:26 PM


Tis the season I drop a grand on retail therapy because I’ve been depressed in black for the last 5 straight months and I won’t regret any of this because fuck you it’s the spring

April 6th
1:07 PM

Lately I’m too afraid to click on the new people following me because I’m afraid it’s a phishing bot.

I’ve seen an increase in them lately… that just me? Or is anyone else getting this?

April 3rd
10:28 PM

a message from Anonymous

Are you studying to be a doctor or nurse?

Nurse for now. Sucks, hah. This semester is haaaard. But it’s cool, whatever, I’m going for pediatrics. If I change my mind through it I can work while furthering med school. Pretty pumped.

10:26 PM

a message from Anonymous

what does pseudo blonde mean? you're going darker?

Natural colahhh. I’m a dark ash blonde. My most gorg girl doin it

March 29th
11:54 PM

holy shitttttt Sams home in 6 days

March 27th
10:23 PM
Brockton bathroom with serious roots and serious dirty hair

And toilet paper on the floor

Brockton bathroom with serious roots and serious dirty hair

And toilet paper on the floor

10:18 PM


$ERBB release date.

So glad I didn’t sell today. Market was bad fucking news but I held everything anyway. My condolences to anyone who sold off their shares today…

I’ll be waiting for ERBB/SPLI/MINE to fly in the AM. Shoulda bought more at the dips this morning.

I’m up 86% what I bought in, even after today’s short. Really excited for the next few weeks.

March 24th
10:01 PM

A Year Later

Caloric intake start: 1400
Caloric intake present: 2690

Then: 98lbs
Now: 105lbs
Body fat exchange: -16.5%

Cup: 30E
Arms: +2.5 inches
Waist: +0.5 inches
Hip/Butt: +4.0 inches
Thigh: +2.5 inches

Bust: 34
Waist: 24.5
Hips: 35



Twiggy thigh gaps are for ratchets. Over that shit.

Get with it.

March 23rd
7:01 PM

Schools a killer
Like straight up murder.

I’m disposing of pseudo blonde.

I’m starting my new diet of 2650 calories tomorrow.

March 3rd
11:06 PM



And I felt pretty good taking my lab practical today too. Aaaaand developmental exam.

Id have to say I really fucked myself taking all labs this semester because I literally have exams every single week. Lecture, practicals, death, etc. Multiple. But I’ll be soooo glad I did them all at the same time when it’s over.

I’ve never done this well in school before. I’d have to say one of them is just about KILLING me (my grade’s fine but I am closer to becoming batshit insane by the day) and I have it tomorrow.

Also the fact all my classes are 4-5 hours long I wish death upon myself at LEAST 3 times a day.

February 27th
12:34 AM

Not sure if going crazy

Or have been crazy and becoming self aware.

Either way, something is wrong.

February 20th
12:54 AM

I’m not even going to change out of the clothes I went to bed in. I’m waking up and driving to the gym and I’ll just change when I get there. Sry room is too cold and dark to be naked in at 545 in the morning even if it’s just for a minute bye

February 18th
10:05 PM

Jesus. I’m just realizing right now how desensitized I’ve already become towards muscle/tissue. None of it even makes me bat an eyelash. Working with a few particular organs still is a little weird to me…*cough*the liver and kidneys*cough* but the rest I’m good. Can eat meals while looking at weird shit.

So idk why I can deal with fat and blood and pus and plasma but when I see baby spit I flip my shit???? Wtf is wrong with me

1:12 AM

I’m freezing and miserable like can someone hold me thanks bye

Things……are tough at the moment. Hopefully after tomorrow I can take a bit of this debris off my shoulders. Just one more day.

And I must add slipping on ice - even when you don’t actually fall - is the most aggravating, mood ruining thing ever to me. Like yo I’m cold as fuck, just tryin to walk to my salty ass car before my hands rip open from being freezing. Why you gotta do this to me?

1:00 AM

This weather is messing with my mind